Jodi M. Liptrot, OALA CSLA


designer of outdoor solutions

Autumn is here!  Enjoy the colours!

Company Profile

Jodi M. Liptrot, B.L.A., B.Ed


Founded: 2001

Owner:  Jodi Liptrot

Certifications: Landscape Architect (OALA, CSLA)

Educator (OCT)


Areas of expertise:  Custom residential, ecosystem restoration / creation, storm water pond planting plans, commercial landscape plans, site plan approval landscape plan submissions

Say hello to the new you!

Color, texture, light, furnishings – details like these can transform an outdoor space, making you feel refreshed whenever you’re in it. 


Our goal is to create spaces that offer tranquility, relaxation, beauty and utility where having one doesn't have to compromise another.

Behind the scenes...